Over the years, I've writen A LOT of code as a hobby, most of which I've shared via the CodeProject web site. Below are links to some of the articles I've written there, as well as some code that I just wrote for the fun of it. The links below link to either a file hosted on this site, or if a CoeProject article was written, on the CodeProject web site. If the file is hosted on CodeProject, the Hosted column will provide a link to the article associated with the file.

FileName Hosted Description CodeProject (WPF/SQL - 2017)I use SqlExpress at home, and came to discover that it does not support SSIS packages or job scheduling like the enterprise version of SQL Server does. So, I developed this tool to add that missing functionality. The user can create package assemblies and schedule multi-step jobs. Excel and CSV importing code is also provided since that's about 90% of what I use agents for where I work. The zip file utilizes ADO, WPF, and includes a windows service as well. The linked article is the first of six parts. CodeProject (WPF - 2016) I needed a wizard form for an app I was building for the Business Ops department at Brook Army MEdical Center, so I wrote this code. CamoPicker (WinForms - 2013) A Marine friend of mine serving in Afghanistan wanted to be able to camoflage his gear and wanted to make sure the resulting camo would be effective, so I developed this aplication. It allows you to use a picture of the operating environment, and select the most appropriate camo color for that environment based on the colors in the picture. Instead of just downloading the, go to the CamoPicker link and check out the documentation. I developed a whole web site for the app, which also includes a method for downloading both an installer and the source code. CodeProject (WPF - 2012) This is the WPF version of the original game. I wrote this to reacquaint myself with WPF when I was hired at Clearchannel. Paddedwall (WPF - 2012) This is the proof of concept application I created when we were planning the major upgrade to the ClearChannel Spotchart client. It was more determining layout than anything else, and there were very few changes made to this design in the final product.

GDITest Paddedwall (WinForms - 2012) This was a proof of concept app that exercised text manipulation within GDI+. CodeProject (WinForms - 2012) This was a proof of concept application for handling a thread pool. The idea was that the app that actually hosted the thread pool code would queue up N number of worker threads, and then start processing them. This app shows the threads running and progressing to a finished state. (Windows Service - 2011) I needed a way to synchronize data between folders on a web server, so that I could 'stage' files in a folder on which I had write permissions, and the system would move those files automatically when a change was detected. This project was the result. CodeProject (WinForms - 2010) This was a proof of concept app developed while my employer was still trying to decide whether we should write code in WinForms or WPF. We were talking about using a Wizard for some of the aspects of the application, so I came up with this demo. CodeProject (WinForms - 2007) This was my first .Net app. It's a simple word game that picks a word at random, scrambles the letters, and allows the user to find words within the scrambled text.