This Site

This web site was built using Visual Studio 2013, and is built on the MVC5 framework (using the Razor engine), using Entity Framework 6. Add-on Nuget packages include Font-Awesome, and JQuery-UI. I also utilized several extension methods that I'd developed since starting my work with .Net, as well as developing a new extension method cass just for use with MVC applications (reduces the standard form control implementation from 8 lines to just one). Hopefully, this site is fully (or at least reasonably) mobile aware. Since I'm pretty much the only person that even visits the site, "reasonably" means that it works for me (and hasn't annoyed me enough to fix the minor glitches that most likely exist).

There are some pages on this site that only I can access, and that access is controlled via the OWin authentication classes that are provided as part of the MVC5 project template. Only the site admin (me) can add users.

Parts of the site, such as the Links pages, Opinions, and some of the pages in the Programming group are supplied with data from a SQL Server 2012 back-end. The data for these pages can be added, edited, and deleted from the various access-controlled pages on the site. I'm only mentioning this as a verification that I've performed a level utility made possible by MVC5 and Enity Framework, and it's something I can demonstrate in an interview environment.

Some MVC features used include partial views, uploading files, data entry forms, and a certain level of precaution regarding unauthorized access to controlled pages.