After a 20-year absence from the Mustang scene, I finally returned with a 2012 base V6 Coupe (automatic). Yes, I would have preferred to get a GT, but gas prices and the price of the car forced me to economize, and besides, there were no white 2012 GTs available by the time I did this. Being on the downhill run to 60, my reflexes aren't what they used to be, so I thought a GT would have simply been a bad idea overall (not to mention an almost complete waste of machinery on an old fart like me). (Witness my change of heart here - 427w swap.

On the prior version of this page, I listed all of the mods I'd done to the car, but upon reflection, I decided it would be easier to list the tngs I haven't changed (yet).

  • The fuel tank
  • The rear end housing.

I had ten videos embedded in an iframe here, but Google Chrome was throwing javascript errors that I felt were completely unneccessary (and this only happened in Google Chrome), so I disabled the whole she-bang. If you want to see videos, check out my YouTube channel. Sorry about the hassle.