Actionet and 22nd Century, San Antonio, TX
May 2014 to Present

My tool set while performing the following tasks includes Visual Studio 2013, SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Visio, Qlikview, and Fiddler. I heavily utilized WPF for destop applications, created and maintained several dozen SQL Server stored procedures, functions, SSIS packages and related jobs, and dabbled in MVC for projects that were started, but not finished due to command priorities. Major efforts are described below.

  • Designed and implemented a WPF dashboard application utilized by the department chief to prepare and generate PowerPoint slides for monthly breifings regarding hospital department performance. This application replaced the manual process that required a full man-week of time, and reduced that process to a 20-minute data import from the 40 various sources (spreadsheets, local and remote databases, and a web site scrape). The app allowed the user to generate powerpoint slides containing charts and text by simply clicking a button.

  • Designed and implemented a WPF application that allows the user to combine two worrksheets from different Excel workbooks.

  • Designed and implemented a WPF application for the deputy chief of Business Operations to monitor Active Directory group membership for Business Ops groups and users. This app allows her to maintain group membership (via manual processes).

  • Performed systems integration using Qlikview. I am respnsible for creating and maintaining Qlikview "applications", most of which require using SQL Server agents running a mix of SQL queries and DTSX import packages

  • A MVC web site for Qlauity Assurance that presented a stake-holder-configurable survey to the nursing staff. Project was about 30% completed when command priorities changed.

  • A WPF desktop application for the Training department that was 95% complete when the stake holder directed that he wanted a web site version instead. Convertsion to the web site version was about 20% along before being halted when command priorities changed.

On my own time (and with my own hardware/software resources), I designed and implemented a simple MVC5 web site for a local performance shop which allowed the owner to change various items related to his business with relying on someone else (which was usually me) to maintain his website. I am also in the process of redesigning my own personal web site using MVC5 (which is probably where you're reading this page).

On my own time (and with my own hardware/software resources), I designed an implemented a project that allows me to configure and run something akin to SQL jobs on SQL Server Express (which does not in any way support running jobs or SSIS packages).

I obtaned a MCSA certification for SQL Server 2012, as well as a Security+ CE certification (supplementing my earlier Security+ Lifetime certification).

ClearChannel Communications, San Antonio, TX
March 2012 to May 2014

  • Contributed to the Raptor project, an unmanaged C++ project utilizing the QT library, and MinGW C++ compiler. This project is a cross-platform version of the company's SpotChart product

  • Participating in the Conditional Dynamic Scene workstream, an enhancement to existing functionality in the SpotChart product. The Spotchart product is a WPF/C#/.Net 4.0 platform. I was also responsible for the pre-development mockup, where I wrote a prototype WPF application in order to illustrate desired functionality, as well as proof of concept applcations dealing with ad-hoc expression evaluation and GDI-based text manipulation.

General Dynamics Information Technology, San Antonio, TX
March 2010 to March 2012

I participate in a three-member team of developers, have an active Secret clearance, and have performed the following tasks:

  • Contributed to the BATS project, implementing SQL Server stored procedures that import Excel spreadsheets into the associated SQL Server database.

  • I recommended that the project be switched over to Silverlight and C# (converting it to VB.Net, back to C#, and then back to VB.Net) in order to take advantage of the team’s Microsoft development tools skills, and went on to spearhead that project to its completion.

  • Updated the TDY-To-School web site with new functionality regarding the calculation of travel expenses to/from TDY assignments for Air Force personnel, based on points of travel and local car/bus/shuttle arrangements.

  • Created a new TDY-To-School web page which allowed site administrators to temporarily elevate technician's permissions, and a DTS (SSIS) package that automatically un-elevated that user.

  • Added a task to an existing DTS (SSIS) package that extracts data from an associated database, and creates and deploys text files that do not contain PKI data.

  • Modified an existing colose application (VB.Net) to encrypt and deploy data extracted from a Microsoft Access database. The encryption was performed using Encryption Wizard.

  • Am currently assisting in the conversion of the BATS web site from ASP.Net/VB.Net and legacy ASP to Silverlight 4.

I also do some coding on my own time at home, and have completed the following applications:

  • I designed and developed a WinForms/C#/.Net 4.0 application (called Reputationator) on my own time that allows the user to monitor reputation points earned on the Codeproject web site. Data is scraped from the site's web pages, stored in a SQL Server database, and then presented in the form of various linecolumn and pie charts. I also provide a WPF variation of that application (see part 4 of the cited article series).

  • I designed and implemented a WinForms/C#/.Net 4.0 application (called CamoPicker) on my own time that allows the user to load an environment photo, and then matches camouflage paint colors to the dominant colors in the image. This results in better geographically-specific concealment of the item to be camouflaged.

LST Financial/Integrated Components, San Antonio, TX
November 2009 to February 2010

While employed at LST Financial/Integrated Components, my efforts were targeted at the following tasks:

  • Optimizing, documenting, and completing an existing Visual Basic.Net application that was to be used for processing ACH transactions on a nightly basis. This application utilized a custom thread pool object, custom events, delegates and a GUI to show the progress of the processing being performed. Data was retrieved from a SQL 2005 database in XML format and deserialized into working objects. Many of the new components developed were written using C#. Finally, I converted some existing VB6 components for use in the new C# modules.

  • Developing a small C# application which allowed non-technical personnel to add new customers to the database.

  • Developed or modified several T-SQL stored procedures in a SQL Server 2008 database environment.

  • Maintained a Visio flowchart for the nightly processing application.

All .Net applications were written in WinForms. Among other ancillary self-appointed tasks, I established a source control system using Visual SourceSafe, and wrote several functional documents regarding the code written for the nightly processing application.

UDP, Inc, San Antonio, TX
November 2008 to October 2009

During my time at UDP, I primarily gained experience with Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), and was involved in the following projects:

  • Converted a java applet that ran via the Windows Scheduler to a Windows service written in C#. This project utilized multi-threading and watching the file system for changes in order to perform its processing, and removed the requirement to use the Windows Scheduler. The net result was that the processing of data files was made faster and much more efficient.
  • Contributed to the complete re-design and implementation of Comet - the company's flagship Oracle Forms product - as part of a five-member team of developers. This project conversion involves creating a desktop application that uses C#, WPF, WCF, nHibernate, Oracle, XML, LINQ, Telerik WPF Controls library, and web services. On this project, I became the go-to "interface guy", designing and implementing the bulk of the interface interaction logic, the single sign-on code, and the user roles/privileges system. I also created web service methods and SQL queries required to implement several of the forms in the application, and an ASP.Net web page that tested the user's local system to ensure that it was compatible with the Comet product (this particular task also included designing and developing a desktop application that performed a more throrough system test).
  • Developed a query testing tool (using C#/WPF) to allow the development team to test custom queries written for Comet5. This tool allowed the developer to select one or more databases to run the query against, and supported tabbed queries, tabbed query results, and intellisense for selecting tables/columns and developer-defined variables while writing a given query. This task was performed on my own time and of my own accord to assist in development of the Comet5 product.

I remain an active member on the CodeProject.com website. During my time at UDP, I published four additional articles on the site, and was awarded 2009 MVP status (third consecutive year) for my efforts to assist other programmers and participation on the site. I also maintain my own MSDN subscription in order to maintain my skill set with the latest tools and operating systems.

Broadramp, Inc, San Antonio, TX
August 2007 to October 2008

While at Broadramp, I was given the opportunity to develope a solid working knowledge of the .Net framework. Some of the tasks I was assigned include:

  • Converted a PHP-based single-sign-on system to .Net/C#
  • Designed and implemented an encryption system for streaming FLV video files using C#, as well as various in-house tools that encrypted and decrypted the video files
  • Designed and implementing several Windows services that monitored folders for new files, and processed those files according to project requirements
  • Created a desktop video player that featured a Flash interface, and that utilized the encryption described earlier in this paragraph
  • Created a desktop application for the hospitality industry that streamed video from a central server in an on-demand environment (it also interacted with other applications running on the same machine)
  • Designed the administrative asp.net web pages for the hospitality industry that allowed the customer to customize the on-screen menu that would be displayed on TVs in the rooms

General .Net experience includes C#, windows services, generic collections, use of interop services, system tray applications, file streaming, encryption, multi-threading, custom events, the use of delegates, Windows forms, ASP.net, Windows socket, LINQ, communications, developing and consuming web services, developing class libraries and desktop applications, and other aspects of the .Net framework.

I am an active member on the CodeProject.com website. I have published 35 articles and been awarded MVP status on the site for the last two years.

Intellica Corporation, San Antonio, TX
June 2004 to August 2007

I was initially involved with porting the Individual Medical Readiness module from our flagship Medbase troop readiness application to CHCSII (now called AHLTA), and subsequently assigned to the Medbase team, operating out of Brook Army Medical Center. While working with that team, I was responsible for maintaining existing C++/MFC code, as well as implementing new features for that project, including a "home page" containing quick-links to program functionality, converting Excel spreadsheets to program-compatible data streams, and a completely database-driven menu system. I also designed and created an award-winning* stand-alone bed-management application for the Emergency Department, and I designed and co-created a kiosk-like application targeted at post-deployment health re-assessment (PDHRA) for active duty military personnel returning from deployment. Finally, I ported the PDHRA code to Visual Studio 2005 and moved that code into an existing COM module suite already used by AHLTA.

In 2006, I assisted in the development of the PrimeCare Plus occupational health web application utilizing .Net 2.0, using C# and Javascript for the scripting side, and interfacing with an Oracle database. I was also tasked with heavily modifying PatientTRAK, an existing ER Bed Manager web site application utilizing classic ASP, VBScript and Javascript, interfacing with CHCS/ICDB and a MSSQL database.

During this period, I gained a moderate amount of experience writing stored procedures with PL/SQL for an Oracle back-end. I also taught myself JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL for development of my own personal web projects.

While employed at intellica, I held a NT2 clearance (equivalent to Secret), established in 2006 and renewed annually.

* The ED bed manager program was awarded the Best Practice Initiative Award in the category of Access. The software was presented under the heading "From Whiteboard to Plasma Screen: How to Leverage Technology for Emergency Department Management" at the State of the Military Health System 2006 Annual Tri-Care Conference, Health Care Innovations Program.

PhotoTelesis, Inc., San Antonio, TX
July 2001 to May 2004

I participated in the Military MicroRIT (MMR/2) project, modifying existing code under a custom Windows CE kernel on proprietary hardware. I also participated in the Fast Tactical Imagery project for the for the AN/AVX-4 system, a system similar to MMR2, but used primarily on F-14 and F/A-18 aircraft.

Finally, I assisted in new program development involving the Pocket ICE project, moving our flagship image manipulation software and communications modules to a PDA running Windows CE.

SAIC/TMSSC (Maxim Group), San Antonio, TX
June 2000 to July 2001

While contracted to SAIC/TMSSC, I worked at Brooks Air Force Base on the Preventive Health Care Application (PHCA) 2.0 project using Visual C++ and MFC. My primary responsibilities involved analyzing, documenting, and improving the existing code base of almost 20 companion applications. I gained experience using windows sockets, multi-threaded programming, inter-process communications, and SQL in a client-server environment. I also gained experience with the Composite Health Care System (CHCS) and became lightly familiar with the HL7 protocol for health management systems.

I was also involved in new development on the Preventive Health for Naval Systems (PHNS) 1.0 project, providing expertise derived from nine years of use of the Visual C++ MFC class framework, as well as debugging other programmers' code and developing parts of the user interface.

ViewPlan (a division of CCH Incorporated), San Diego, CA
July 1988 to June 2000

I was responsible for designing, developing, and debugging all of the company's estate planning software, as well as authoring technical specifications and end-user documentation, and providing end-user technical support. This work was spread out over six major updates to our flagship product (Estate Forecast Model/Vista), as well as five totally new products using Pascal (from 1988 to 1992), C++ (from 1991 to 2000), and numerous 3rd party class libraries and application frameworks. During my first four years of employment, I served simultaneously as sole programmer, technical support representative, technical writer, and end-user documentation author.

I gathered a great deal of experience with regards to designing and implementing user interfaces, simple database handling features, DLL's, and stand-alone applications. I originated many of the programs being sold by ViewPlan today, and I maintained legacy code and programs written by other programmers. I also served as mentor and technical lead for junior programmers.

Lastly, I was required to become familiar with all aspects of estate planning in order to develop, document, and support these products.

United Technologies, San Diego, CA
February 1986 to July 1988

I performed the duties of Personal Computer Resources Coordinator, including analysis, purchase recommendation, source selection, and installation of many software and hardware systems. To further support this position, I wrote custom applications using Turbo Pascal which were used for PC systems inventory, supplies inventory, purchase order tracking, a DOS-based task scheduler and several printer and resident help utilities.

I also performed duties as computer operator using an IBM 4341 mainframe in support of over 40 electrical and structural engineers.

During this period, I also designed and developed a DOS application menu system called "Radius" using Turbo Pascal (made obsolete by the introduction of Windows 3.1), as well as a DOS-based boot configuration program called "Lobotomy" (also using Turbo Pascal).

I also maintained my Secret security clearance.

Computer Sciences Corporation, San Diego, CA
July 1982 to February 1986

I worked as a programmer analyst involved in the Advanced Combat Direction Systems (ACDS) Block 0 (zero) development project, including the design and implementation of unit test procedures affecting the Air Control, identification, Common Services, and Anti-Submarine Warfare modules.

Other experience includes co-authoring of the Man/Machine Interface Specification while serving in the capacity of systems engineer, developing pseudo code for the Electronic Warfare module for the LHD-1 ACDS Block 1 programming effort. I became familiar with the Share/7 time-sharing computer system, operation of the AN/UYK-7 computer, and the CMS-2Y programming language.

I also acquired and maintained a Secret security clearance.

Chief Auto Parts, San Diego, CA
August 1979 to July 1982

I worked full-time as assistant manager of the store, supervising four other employees. During this period, I also attended Coleman College, maintaining a full-time class schedule.

United States Navy
June 1974 to July 1979

Served as Operations Specialist 2nd Class on board the guided missile cruiser USS Leahy (CG-16), and the USS David R. Ray (DD-971). I performed duties as Track Supervisor, Air and Surface Tracker, Anti-Air Warfare Plotter, Anti-Submarine Warfare Plotter, and gained experience with the Link-11 data link system, SATNAV and LORAN computerized satellite navigation subsystems. While attending various naval technical schools, I maintained a class standing in the upper ten percentile.

Most Recent Skills

Windows Presentation Foundation (self-taught) - since 2009
C# (self-taught) - since 2007
.Net Framework (2.0 through 4.5, self-taught) - since 2007
Microsoft Visual Studio - since 1992
SQL Server (self-taught)- since 2009
MVC5 (self-taught) - since 2015

Other Languages:

C++ (self-taught) - 17 years
HTML (self-taught) - on-going since 1993
PHP - 1 year
JavaScript - on-going since 2000
Pascal (self-taught) - 16 years
Cascading Style Sheets - on-going since 2000

Other APIs, Frameworks, and Libraries:

Silverlight (3.0 through 5.0) - 2 years
ASP.Net - 10 years
Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) - 16 years
Windows API (16- and 32-bit) - 16 years
DAO - 2.5 years of moderate use
CHCS - 2 years
HL7 protocol - 6 months of light exposure
COM - 8 years of very light use
STL - 5 year of light use
ATL - 7 years of light use
Windows Sockets - 1 year
Stingray Objective Toolkit (v4.0 - 6.01) - 4 years
Stingray Objective Chart (v6.0) - 2 years
Stingray Objective Grid (v6.0) - 1 years
Dundas Ultimate Toolbox - 2 years
Win32s - 4 years
Borland Turbo Vision class library - 1 year
Borland OWL class library - 1 year
Zapp class library - 1 year
ChartPro, by SubSystems - 4 years
Btrieve - 3 years
CodeBase 6.3, by Sequitor - 2 years
Turbo Professional, by Turbo Power Software - 3 years
Object Professional, by Turbo Power Software - 3 years
PL/SQL - 3 years

Other Development Environments and Tools:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 through 2010 - 4 years
Microsoft Visual C++ (v1.5 - 6.0) - 16 years
SourceSafe version control - 6 years
Borland Delphi (v2.0 and 3.0) - 5 years
StarTeam version control - 4 years
Borland C++ (DOS) - 2 years
Borland C++ (Windows) - 2 years
Borland Turbo Pascal (v1.0 - 7.0) - 16 years

Other Databases and ORMs:

Oracle - 4 years
MySQL - 2 years of moderate use
dBase 2 - 1 year
NHibernate (very light exposure) - 1 year

Programming Techniques:

Multi-threading - on-going since 2000
Object-Oriented Design - on-going since 1992
Object-Oriented Programming - on-going since 1992

Operating Systems:

Windows 7 - on-going since 2009
Windows Vista - on-going since 2008
Windows XP Professional - 7 years
Windows 2000 Professional - 3 years
Windows NT 3.5 through 4.0 - 7 years
Windows 98 - 4 years
Windows 95 - 6 years
Windows 3.1 - 5 years
MS-DOS (v2.0 through 7.n) - 19 years
Linux (v2.0.35 through 2.6.10) - 6 years of casual use, no programming
CP/M - 2 years
AppleDOS - 2 years

Other skills:

Configuration management
System building (including all of my home desktop PCs, a HTPC, NAS device, pfSense-based router) - since 1979