I bought a new 1993 FLSTC (Softail Heritage Classic). Before I drove it off the lot, I had the dealer change out the cam (bikes delivered in California had cams with almost no lobes), remove the packing from the exhaust, and install adjustable pushrods, larger carb jets, a free-breathing air cleaner, and a hi-performance ignition system.

The day I picked it up it was raining like hell - not a very auspicious beginning to a new relationship - but the bike didn't seem to mind as much as I did. I drove it as you see it here until I just plain got tired of seeing so many other Harley's painted the same damn color (despite the fact that I specifically waited for this color when I ordered the bike). Then, I got it painted...

I really didn't care for the leather bags for a couple of reasons - a) everyone else with a FLSTC had the same thing, and b) they really didn't look retro enough for my tastes. So, before getting it painted, I found some used "hard" bags from a 72 FLH (including mounting hardware), and made some rudimentary adapter plates that allowed me to use the bag's brackets. I actually had the bike painted twice - once by a guy that didn't know what he was doing, and then by someone that did. The pictures of the bike with the reverse scallops on the bags are the second paintjob. Here are some instuctions for adapting the old bags to a Softail.

In 2005 I sold the bike to a guy in Dallas. These are the pics I took for the ad. At that time, the bike had over 83k miles on it.