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This Site

This site really isn't anything special. It's an HTML5 site built using Asp.Net 4.5 and C#, with some Ajax thrown in to support the tabs on the Links pages, and some javascript/jquery for the menu system and shadowbox stuff (for image slide shows).

The Menus

The menus system is "ddsmoothmenu" from dynamicdrive, and utilizes jquery to perform its magic. I didn't take any steps to stylize the menu beyond what came with the menu code, but hope to eventually get around to it. You can be pretty much assured that it won't be real flashy, but it will at least look a little better. It appears to work well in FireFox, IE9, Chrome, Opera, and Safari, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Image Transitions

On some of the pages, I use fading transitions for blocks of images. The code comes from this web site. It's really simple to setup, but if you want to float the div, you have to wrap the fading div inside another div that you then float. It took a bit to figure that out (c'mon, my web-dev foo has suffered due to constant lack of use), but once i did, it worked great. Another aspect of the fading images stuff is that hovering a mouse stops the transitions, and clicking on an image takes you to a manual slide show (shadowbox) of the images in their (sometimes) larger versions.


Where I got this code is lost to the sands of time, but it is javascript that shows a semi-transparent black background with a manual slide show of the specified images. It helps save space on the actual page. It works pretty well. I like it.


The that drives some of the site is really nothing special. There is code that determines a page's modified date, building the "Home" menu depending on where you are on the site, and resolving paths. The patriotic quotes are derived from a collection of quote/author items, from which one quote is selected at random each time the page is refreshed.

HTML 5 and CSS

I've taken steps to make all of the HTML on the site HTML5-compliant, as well as getting rid of all of the tables. All layout is now controlled by CSS. Of course, these changes mean that the user MUST use an HTML5 compliant browser, but since I already am, it works for me, and your mileage may vary. You can either suffer with obsolete browsers, or drag yourself into the HTML5 light. It's your choice.