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Besides the applications listed below, you should make it a point to visit the CamoPicker web page. The app described there is available for download. I recently started working on a WPF version of it, and that app is included in the list below.

I've also written/posted a number of articles and tips on the Codeproject web site. Many of the apps posted below are contained in those articles.

Finally, feel free to peruse the rest of this web site.

Filename Description (Personal/WinForms - 2007) This was my first .Net app, used to teach myself the framework. It's a simple word game that picks a word at random, scrambles the letters, and allows the user to find words within the scrambled text. (Personal/WPF - 2012) This is the WPF version of the original game. I wrote this to reaquaint myself with WPF when I was hired at Clearchannel. (ClearChannel/WPF - 2012) This is the proof of concept application I created when we were planning the major upgrade to the Spotchart client. It was more determining layout than anything else, and there were very few changes made to this design in the final product. (ClearChannel/WinForms - 2012) This was a proof of concept app that exercised text maniuplation within GDI+. (LST/WinForms - 2012) This was a proof of concept application for handling a thread pool. The idea was that the app that actually hosted the thread pool code would queue up N number of worker threads, and then start processing them. This app shows the threads running and progressing to a finished state. (ClearChannel/WPF - 2013) This was a proof of concept app that encrypted a file and added an encrypted prefix block to it that allowed the receiving program to decrypt it based solely on the contents of the file. (UDP/WinForms - 2008) This was a proof of concept app developed while management was still trying to decide whether we should write code in WinForms or WPF. We were talking about using a Wizard for some of the aspects of the application, so I came up with this demo. (Personal/WPF - 2013) This is the WPF version of my CamoPicker application (recently started, and far, far from complete).