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MediaAtHome - What it is, and why I'm writing it

A few years ago, I built a home theater PC with the express intent of mitigating the effect of flipping through endless DVDs and/or CDs to find a movie I wanted to watch. I tried a few software packages that allowed this, including Windows Media Center, XBMC, and finally settled on MediaPortal. While each of those packages are fine in their own right, none really fit my needs, and each have their own set of quirks and limitations.

Each of them do a lot more than what I personally need, so instead of trying to modify someone else's code (XBMC and Media Portal are open-source), I decided I would have to write my own to get just the features I want. I am not using ANY code from these other projects.

To keep the development time to a reasonable value, I'm not including any fancy eye-candy that isn't easily achievable with basic WPF programming. To be honest, that kind of stuff is wasted on me. I just want the software to be capable and not repeatedly break or do something unexpected.

Someone on CodeProject suggested that not only am I reinventing the wheel, but I'm making a less perfect wheel. My response is that the wheel will be perfect for my use. That's really all I'm concerned with, and unless feature suggestions are directly beneficial to *me*, I'll nod and smile, and then file said suggestions in an appropriate container.

View progress log (last updated - 2013 Jan 06).

Tools, Platforms, Frameworks and Libraries


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • JetBrains DotPeek


  • .Net 4.5
  • C#
  • WPF

LLibraries, SDKs and APIs:

  • LibVLC
  • WPF Extended Toolkit


Since this software is currently under heavy development, this will be a living list of features, updated as I think of things.

  • Play pretty much any video

  • Support for the Microsoft MCE remote control

  • Holidays - when a holiday is approaching, selecting the "Holiday" genre will show all movies that have been marked for the closest approaching holiday.

  • Marathon Mode - You can create a movie marathon by click/dragging movies from the list of available movies, or by clicking a movie from a series (such as Star Trek) and then electing to build a marathon of those movies

  • Support for TV Series

  • Build a TV schedule where movies and TV series episodes are randomly selected and used to build a pre-scheduled sequence of videos. When the user "tunes in" the currently scheduled video will start at the frame it would be if the user had been watching all along.

  • Play music

  • Play media slideshows with music