General Info

Our dogs come from all over - owner surrenders, shelters, foundlings by Good Samaritans, and neglect cases. They are all second-chance dogs, some in need of extraordinary medical and emotional support.

We never can predict what Goldens will be available at any given time, and strive to keep our website updated with the most current available dogs.

Are you looking for a puppy only? If you will only adopt a puppy, chances are that your application will be put on a waiting list. Golden puppies are rare in rescue and when they do come in, we have many applicants who are already approved and waiting for their right match.

Are you looking for a perfect, 100% housebroken, 2 year old, calm female to play with your young children? Again, it may take a while for that dog with those specific requirements to come into rescue. The more specific your requirements, the less chance you will find what you want in rescue. We are looking to find the perfect family for each dog, as for us, finding that special forever home for our dogs is our top priority.

A number of our new dogs came into care with heartworms. We typically complete the treatment in foster care, but if one of these Goldens captures YOUR heart & you’re willing to take him or her through the treatment, please discuss it with us! We’ll be happy to give you detailed instructions on the dog’s care (activity restriction is VERY important), and of course we will cover the cost at one of our approved clinics.

Gold Ribbon Rescue rescues and rehomes second-chance Golden Retrievers who can find homes who will offer them the medical care and attention needed by the breed. We do not have the qualifications to train service dogs, nor do we have the expertise to be able to determine if a rescued Golden would qualify as a good service dog. We encourage you to explore the service-dog channels.

Adoption Process

Adopting a golden from GRR involves proceeding through six steps. The first three steps are where we evaluate you - a perspective golden companion. The last three steps (if you are approved) are when the fun really starts, when you get to select a new forever companion.

STEP 1: The Application

In order for us to obtain a good understanding of your lifestyle, your dogitude (your attitude towards dogs), and the environment in which the dog will be living, we've put together a questionaire that every perspectice adopter must complete. Once completed and submitted, one of our volunteers will evaluate it and either approve or reject the application. If approved, you will move to the next step.

STEP 2: The Telephone Interview

The telephone interview allows the adoption volunteer to get a feel for you by casual chatting about your application. If the volunteer is satisfied with the way the interview went, you will be approved for the final approval step - the home visit.

STEP 3: The Home Visit

This step involves a volunteer visiting your home whiel all family members and existing pets are present. The volunteer will bring one of their own dogs and demonstrate grooming techniques, discuss dog-related issues, inspect the house and yard, and may hit on some of the responses you gave in both the application and the telephone interview. If after this home vist, everybody involved in your adoption process agrees, you are then allowed to select one of our waiting goldens.

STEP 4: Selecting The Right Golden

A Boy or a Girl?

All goldens adopted trhough GRR have been spayed or nuetered, so gender is kind of a non-issue. However, male goldens tend to be a bit larger than females, so that might weigh on your decision.

Age Considerations

Medical Challenges

STEP 5: Testing The Water

STEP 6: Receiving Your New Golden

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