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Pictures - Other NASCAR Diecast

1999 #10 Tide Taurus Team Caliber (1/24 scale), as driven by Ricky Rudd

Back in the heyday of NASCAR diecast, Action was setting the bar for high-quality NASCAR diecast. Team Caliber was a challnger to the thrown, and indeed, created a better diecast than Action. As we all know, the entry of Team Caliber into the field prompted Action to step up and compete, which made all of the diecast available at the time much better in terms of detail and quality. Around 2001 or 2002, Rousch Racing bought Team Caliber, and that became pretty much the only place you could get Rousch cars in diecast form.

This is a really nice model, and I really didn't buy it for any reason other than it was one of the first cars Team Caliber released. At the time, I was more interested in 1/64 cars, so I didn't pursue more of the larger cars.

#44 Hotwheels Pontiac Hotwheels (1/64 scale), as driven by Kyle Petty

This car was released in 1998 or 1999 (I don't remember), and it was the first 1/64 car available with a removable body. It was considered so special that Mattel even released it in this special display case.

This was so unique that I decided to keep the display case (the ONLY car in my collection that I've done this with). While I applaud Mattel's effort to provide more detail at this scale, I also find it pointless at this scale - kind of like opening hoods/doors on anything smaller than 1/24 cars.

Petty Anniversay Set Hotwheels (1/64 scale)

This is a set of cars/trucks that have never been seen on the track. Again, this is not something I usually collect, but I thought the cars were cool looking, and I'm sure this wasn't as popular a set as Mattel had hoped.

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Racing Legends Set 1/43 scale

This is a set of plastic "diecast" that represent the 12 cars driven by men deemed by the manufacturer to be "racing legends". Indeed, they are to the extent that the manufacturer could get a license to reproduce a given car/paint scheme or use the driver's name. It's really too bad these are plastic. Notably absent are Richard Pety and Dale Earnhardt. In any case, these cars were sold separately and were seruialized. The cars you see here all have the same serial number, so I guess that makes the set even more unique.

Some of you may have noticed the roof number on the last car - Bill Elliott's Thunderbird. The reason is because the guy who prepped the body put the mask on backwards before the number was painted on. It wasn't done on purpose, and the car was actually run that way during the race. (He wrecked the car and did not finish that particular race, but later went on to become "Million Dollar Bill" - winner of a one million dollar bonus during the season.