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Diecast Cars

Mustangs (16 cars)

My first love has always been the Ford Mustang. To that end, I try to collect every race-inspired diecast I can find.

FR500C#55, yellow1/182005AutoArt
FR500C#5, white1/182005AutoArt
Trans Am Boss 302#15 (slot car)1/321969Monogram
Essex Wire GT-350R#98 (slot car)1/321965Monogram
Shelby GT-350Rwhite/blue stripes1/431965Hotwheels
Shelby GT-350white/blue stripes1/641966Hotwheels Jay Leno Collection
Shelby GT-350Rwhite/blue & red stripes1/641965Shelby Collectibles
Shelby GT-350Rwhite with blue stripes1/641965Shelby Collectibles
Shelby GT-500blue/white stripes1/641967Shelby Collectibles
Shelby GT-500KRblue1/641968Unknown
Shelby GT-500KRgreen1/641968Unknown
Parnelli Jones Boss 302#15 yellow1/641970HotWheels Vintage Racing
George Follmer Boss 302#16 yellow1/641970HotWheels Vintage Racing
A.J. Foyt Mustang #4 white/blue stripes1/641965Hotwheels Vintage Racing
Terlingua Mustang#17 yellow/black hood1/641967Greelight Collectibles
Bill Maier Mustang#22 blue/white stripes1/641968Greenlight Collectibles

A/C Cobras and Daytona Coupes (11 cars)

427 Roadster#98 race-prepared1/20UNKRevell Creative Masters
427 RoadsterStreet, black1/18UNKUNK
427 RoadsterStreet, red1/43UNKKyosho
427 RoadsterStreet, silver with racing meatballs, no number1/43UNKKyosho
427 RoadsterStreet, blue with racing meatballs, no number1/43UNKKyosho
427 RoadsterRacing, silver, #61/43UNKKyosho
427 RoadsterStreet, Blue1/64UNKHotwheels (Jay Leno Collection)
Daytona Coupe#6, prototype1/181965Exoto
Daytona Coupe#26, dark blue1/431965Kyosho
Daytona Coupe#21, light blue1/431965Kyosho
Daytona Coupe#59, red1/431965Kyosho

Trans-Am (non-Mustang)

1967 #98 Mercury Cougar (George Follmer)1/641967Hotwheels Vintage Racing
1970 #77 Dodge Charger (Sam Posey)1/641970HotWheels (Vintage Pony Wars)
1970 #8 Pontiac Trans-Am1/641970HotWheels (Vintage Pony Wars)
1970 #48 AAR Cuda (Dan Gurney)1/641970Hotwheels Vintage Racing
1970 #77 Dodge Challenger T/A (Sam Posey)1/641970Greenlight Collectibles
1971 #6 AMC Javelin AMX (Mark Donahoe)1/641971Greenlight Collectibles
1972 #2 AMC Javelin AMX (Roy Woods)1/641967Hotwheels Vintage Racing
1970 #86 Sunoco Camaro (Dick Brown)1/321970Scalextric

Other Cars

Beginning in 2001, this is where most of my newest acquisitions will be. I also no longer collect with such frenetic enthusiasm, so this list will probably grow very slowly. The model would have to be REALLY special for me to purchase in 1/18 scale (they're starting to cost A LOT), so look for most of my new stuff to be in 1/43 scale, or smaller.

#36 Toyota 88c Minolta1/431988Ebbro
#37 Toyota 88c Taka-Q1/431988Ebbro
#38 Toyota 88c Denso1/431988Ebbro
#21 Porsche 956L Kenwood1/431983Minichamps
#36 Gurney Weslake Eagle1/181967Carousel-1
Repco Brabham1/431967Quartzo
#8 AIR Lola T701/181966GMP
#7 Lola T70 Spyder (Donohue)1/431966Best
#2 Corvette Grand Sport roadster1/431965Eagle's Race
#12 Corvette Grand Sport coupe1/431965Eagle's Race
#10 Jaguar E-Type coupe1/431965Kyosho
#10 Jaguar E-Type roadster1/431965Kyosho
Ferrari 365 P21/431965Best