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Diecast Cars

List of NASCAR Champions (17 duplicates)

Many of the cars seen in this list were taken from the old Action 25 Years of Champions set (originally released in 1995). It's extremely difficult to find individual championship cars from the years prior to 1970 in 1/64 scale.

You may be wondering why the list stops at 2003. Well, it's because NASCAR started mucking around with the points and the rules, announced their "Car of Tommorow", and then announced that Toyota would be joining the series. The combination of all that crap was more than this old redneck could stand, so beginning after the 2001 season, I began boycotting all things NASCAR in my house. I stopped buying Nascar-related diecast, and won't buy any more unless it's to fill holes in this list prior to 1970. Since NASCAR isn't interested in its history or heritage, we'll probably never again see new diecast for the first 20 years of the sport. And that's a damn shame.

Car#DriverSponsorCar MakeYearBrand
17Matt KensethDeWaltFord2003Team Caliber
20Tony StewartHome DepotPontiac2002Action
24Jeff GordonDupontChevy2001Action
18Bobby LabonteInterstate BatteriesPontiac2000Action
88Dale JarrettQuality CareFord1999Action
24Jeff GordonDupontMonte Carlo1998Revell
24Jeff GordonDupontMonte Carlo1997Revell
5Terry LabonteKelloggs Corn FlakesMonte Carlo1996Hot Wheels
24Jeff GordonDupontMonte Carlo1995Action (set)
3Dale EarnhardtGoodwrenchLumina1994Action (set)
3Dale EarnhardtGoodwrenchLumina1993Action (set)
7Alan KulwickiHootersThunderbird1992Action (set)
3Dale EarnhardtGoodwrenchLumina1991Action (set)
3Dale EarnhardtGoodwrenchLumina1990Action (set)
27Rusty WallaceKodiakPontiac1989Action (set)
9Bill ElliottCoorsFord1988Action (set)
3Dale EarnhardtWranglerMonte Carlo1987Action (set)
3Dale EarnhardtWranglerMonte Carlo1986Action (set)
11Darrel WaltripBudweiserMonte Carlo1985Action (set)
44Terry LabontePiedmontMonte Carlo1984Action (set)
22Bobby AllisonMiller High LifeBuick1983Action (set)
11Darrel WaltripMountain DewBuick1982Action (set)
11Darrel WaltripMountain DewBuick1981Action (set)
2Dale EarnhardtMike CurbOldsmobile1980Action (set)
43Richard PettySTPPontiac?1979Action (set)
11Cale YarboroughFirst National CityOldsmobile1978Action (set)
11Cale YarboroughHolly FarmsBuick1977Action (set)
11Cale YarboroughHolly FarmsBuick1976Action (set)
43Richard PettySTPDodge1975Action (set)
43Richard PettySTPDodge1974Action (set)
72Benny ParsonsN/AChevy1973Action (set)
43Richard PettySTPPlymouth1972Action (set)
43Richard PettyNonePlymouth1971Action (set)
71Bobby IsaacK&K InsuranceDodge Daytona1970Johnny Lightning
17David PearsonEast Tennessee Motor Co.Ford Torino1969Johnny Lightning
17David PearsonNoneMercury Cyclone1968Racing Champs
43Richard PettySTPPlymouth1967RMI (Wisk promo)
43Richard PettySTPPlymouth1964Hotwheels
8Joe WeatherlyN/APontiac1962RCCA
87Buck BakerChevy1957Hot Wheels

The following is a list of cars that are (or were) available in other sets or individually that I had collected before finding the Action set.

Car#DriverSponsorCar MakeYearBrand
24Jeff GordonDupontMonte Carlo1995Racing Champions
3Dale EarnhardtGoodwrenchLumina1994Action
7Alan KulwickiHootersThunderbird1992Racing Champs 1993 Premier
3Dale EarnhardtGoodwrenchLumina1990Action
27Rusty WallaceKodiakPontiac1989Action
3Dale EarnhardtWranglerMonte Carlo1987Winner's Circle
11Darrel WaltripBudweiserMonte Carlo1985Action
22Bobby AllisonMiller High LifeBuick1983Action
11Darrel WaltripMountain DewBuick1982Action
2Dale EarnhardtMike CurbOldsmobile1980Winner's Circle
43Richard PettySTPPontiac?1979RMI (Wisk promo)
11Cale YarboroughFirst National CityOldsmobile1978Johnny Lightning
43Richard PettySTPDodge1972RMI (Wisk promo)
43Richard PettySTPPlymouth1975Racing Champs (QVC set)
43Richard PettySTPPlymouth1974Racing Champs (QVC set)
43Richard PettySTPPlymouth1972Racing Champs (QVC set)
43Richard PettyNonePlymouth1971Racing Champs (QVC set)