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Many years ago, I owned American cars that required SAE tools. Nowadays, the only thing on a car that might be a SAE size would be lug nuts. Therefore, I had to buy a complete set of metric wrenches and sockets (deep and shallow, 14-inch to 1/2 inch drive). What a pain in the ass.

After struggling to remove the lug nuts a few times, I decided to purchase an electric impact driver. This think is a freakin life-saver, let me tell you. Sears sells a real nice one for about $150, as well as impact sockets You should also plan on buying both metric and SAE sockets.

I already own a couple of torque wrenches (in-lb and ft-lb), but when I went to install the LCA relocation brackets, I discovered that aI needed a BIGGER torque wrench (at least 130 ft-lb), so I went to Lowe's and got a 25-150 wrench for $60.

The brakes also required specialty tools. First, I needed a brake caliper piston compressor. This was pretty cheap ($9) at Autozone. The second tool I needed was a pressure bleeder. This makes bleeding brakes a one-man job. I got the fancy Motiv one from SummitRacing for $60.