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Terlingua Racing Team

If you're a Ford/Mustang/Shelby fan of any worth, you've heard of the Terlingua Racing Team. If you haven't then you should be ashamed, because even Chevy and Dodge guys have heard of it.

It seems that Carroll Shelby bought 200,000 acres of land near Big Bend, and... well, why don't you go here and read the story as related by Bill Neale. (I could find no photographic evidence to substantiate the claim that cars in the 1966 Indy 500 had TRT logos on them.)

In any case, I've been loosely self-associated with the Terlingua Racing team since about 1984, when I had a TEAM TERLINGUA banner on the windshield of my 1968 390 GT Mustang. I thought it would be fitting to revive the tradition and get a decal for my current Mustang. I know it's just a novelty thing, but it makes me feel closer to my car, and besides, it honors the memory of Carroll Shelby. I paid my "dues" for the membership kit, and when I get some clear vinyl, I'm gonna apply the decals to a slab and put it on my car.


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The first car to have a Terlingua racing Team decal was the second 1965 GT350 R-Model produced. In 1967, Shelby actually ran cars in Trans Am events with "TERLINGUA RACING TEAM" on the cars, the most faous of which was the yellow #17 1967 coupe (pincluded in the slideshow). Back in 2008, Shelby American produced a handful of Terlingua Mustangs that featured a 6-cylinder Paxton supercharged engine (also included in the slideshow at the right). TRT decals have been seen on a number of cars, boats, and even airplanes. As I find examples, I'll add them to the slideshow.